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I had a great time at the Board of Education 宴会 last night for many reasons:

1. We had Chinese food at the restaurant owned by one of my students’ family, it’s been a good month or two since I’ve had Chinese food, and while the 中華料理 you find in Japan is nowhere near authentic, it still tasted good.

2. The BoE is usually a very serious and boring place, but it’s at occasions like these where I feel everyone is relaxed enough to be a more interesting version of themselves, which is always nice.

3. When everyone started eating, like a chain reaction, everyone exclaimed: “辛い!辛い!”, nothing but ”辛い!辛い!”, just like how you hear nothing but “寒い!寒い!” in winter, Japanese people react to things so strangely uniformly. A co-worker was almost in tears as she pointed to the plate of Mapo Tofu. Camille and I had a taste and looked at each other thinking “this is hardly spicy” -_- It’s weird that the Japanese tolerance for spice is so low…I did enjoy the comedic moment though.

4. While talking about all things Chinese, one of the teachers suddenly told me he likes テレサ テン…who?… テレサ テン….OH! TERESA TENG! Only my mum’s (and probably every Chinese person over the age of 40’s) favorite! The other teachers knew her too. Wow 鄧麗君, you really are an impressive woman who has left a legacy throughout all of Asia. I asked the teacher to sing one of her songs for me, so he did, but I couldn’t recognise it at all, so I tried to sing one instead, and it turned out to be the same song, maybe it’s the Japanese lyrics that really threw me off, but the other teachers did say my version was better though. So here it is, not my favorite, but perhaps her most famous:

時の流れに身をまかせ (我只在乎你/I only care about you) by テレサ.テン (鄧麗君/Teresa Teng)

  • 5 April 2013